L’Aventure at Retromobile 2023

Retromobile 2023: L'Aventure under the sign of style, audacity, lightness and performance!
As major player in the preservation of French automotive heritage, L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS will be present in force with the help of Peugeot affiliated clubs and L’Amicale Citroën & DS France and with the support of the PEUGEOT, CITROËN and DS AUTOMOBILES brands.

On a 300 m2 stand, L’Aventure Peugeot will exhibit 9 vehicles. On the occasion of the launch of the new PEUGEOT 408, a special tribute will be paid to the PEUGEOT “series 4”, models which have marked the history of the brand through their innovations.
Alongside a PEUGEOT 408, which introduces a fastback silhouette that is both unique on the current market and inspired by the great tradition of automotive design, six historic “series 4” will be exhibited on the stand:
PEUGEOT 401 saloon and 401 coupe-convertible Eclipse (1934-1935)
When it was launched, the 401 saloon was distinguished by its independent front wheels, a novelty that significantly improved road handling. But this first generation of the “4 series” has above all remained in history thanks to the 401 Eclipse of 1935, the first coupé-cabriolet with a hardtop in production. This offers the comfort of a coupé and the pleasure of a convertible thanks to its electrically retractable sheet metal roof! An invention which will then be used on several PEUGEOTs, but also on models from many other manufacturers. The 401 Eclipse presented will be specially taken out of L’Aventure Peugeot Museum for the occasion.
PEUGEOT 402 B Light (1938-1942)
The 402 left its mark with an original idea: grouping the headlights in the center of the front part of the car, behind the radiator grille! Beyond the aesthetic intention, which contributes to offering the 402 a fluid and modern line, this innovation also improves the aerodynamics of the car. As its name suggests, the 402 B “Légère” is a lighter version that can reach 135 km/h!
PEUGEOT 403 Convertible (1956-1961)
Made famous in its convertible version by Inspector Columbo, the 403 was well beyond a great commercial success thanks to its many other versions: sedan, station wagon, van and pick-up. In total, more than 1.2 million 403s were marketed in many countries between 1955 and 1966.
PEUGEOT 404 Coupe (1962-1968)
The all-Latin beauty of the 404 was designed by Pininfarina, whose collaboration with PEUGEOT was then in full swing. The talent of the designer was to succeed in declining the balance and the elegance of the lines of the 404 sedan on the station wagon, the coupé and the convertible. In 1962, the 404 was the first production French car to receive an injection engine.
PEUGEOT 405 Mi16 Le Mans (1993)
This special series of 405 Mi16s celebrates PEUGEOT’s victory at the 1993 24 Hours of Le Mans. 15 inches, a carbon strip on the dashboard, a unique Lucifer red metallic color and specific decorative elements.

In 2023, the PEUGEOT 205 celebrates its 40th anniversary!
Throughout 2023, L’Aventure Peugeot will organize numerous celebrations to celebrate the “sacred number” of PEUGEOT, commercially launched on February 24th, 1983 and whose competition version (the famous 205 T16) was presented on February 23th. The festivities begin at Rétromobile with, in particular, the exhibition of a rare 205 GTI Griffe from 1991, a special series equipped with the 1.9-litre 130 horsepower engine.
PEUGEOT has always been a global mobility provider, on both 2 wheels and 4 wheels. L’Aventure PEUGEOT is presenting on its stand at Rétromobile a “World Record” PEUGEOT P 515 motorcycle from 1934, a machine that has broken 9 world speed records.


Citroën is exhibiting the OLI concept car to the French public for the first time, a manifesto that commits the future of the brand to optimistic, responsible and accessible electric mobility. More info ->
For its welcome within the great Citroën family, OLI will be surrounded by emblematic vehicles which have marked the history of Citroën and whose stylistic audacity or innovations have marked their eras by anticipating changes in lifestyles for the greatest benefit of customers. In a nod to OLI’s new infrared signature colour, the vehicles will be decked out in white or red.
C4 / Launched in 1928, the C4 brought Citroën into modernity with its advanced suspensions and its floating engine, distilling a level of comfort rarely achieved on a road network that was still poorly paved. Exhibited model: 1929 C4 Torpedo.
TRACTION / First production vehicle equipped with front-wheel drive, a monocoque structure, hydraulic brakes and a four-wheel independent suspension, the Traction Avant launched in 1934 benefits from the best dynamic behavior of the time, which earned her the justified nickname of “Queen of the road”. Exhibited model: 1937 Traction Avant Cabriolet.
CONCEPT C10 / Only Citroën could dare to offer such a concept in 1956 with such a bold and compact architecture, light, economical and technically so advanced, and also use naval air techniques for its design. C10 makes an impression during its presentation and its silhouette will earn it the nice nickname of “drop of water”.
2 CV / In 1948 the 2 CV arrived to meet strong market expectations: to be everyone’s car while being easy to manufacture, repair and the cheapest to sell. In 75 years it has become a mythical vehicle embodying, through its surprising design and product positioning, the philosophy of Citroën vehicles. Exhibited model: 1990 2 CV 6 Club.
AMI 6 / Unveiled in 1961, the Ami 6 meets the expectations of customers looking for a light, comfortable saloon under 4 m in length, a spacious passenger compartment and a voluminous boot. Citroën’s answer is this famous revolutionary and divisive Z line of the stern: the inverted rear window made it possible to free up space to access the boot. Exhibited model: 1963 Ami 6.
MEHARI / Utility leisure vehicle, clever, atypical and friendly, the Méhari celebrates its 55th anniversary this year. Very light with its thermoformed plastic body tinted in the mass it does not fear scratches or washing with a water jet. With its canvas roof or folding windshield, it still enchants everyday adventurers today. Exhibited model from 1972.
CX / With its fluid, slender and very aerodynamic hatchback line, its large glazed surfaces and its concave bezel, the CX was recognized from 1974 as “The” top of the range with its non-conformist silhouette. In the passenger compartment, the futuristic dashboard will push the ergonomics of the controls to the extreme by grouping them in a “moon”. With such assets, the CX was voted car of the year in 1975. Exhibited model: 1989 CX Prestige phase II.
The B2 half-track puts on a show
To commemorate the centenary of the end of the first crossing of the Sahara by automobile conducted from 17 Dec. 1922 to 7 Jan. 1923 with Citroën half-tracks, the replica of the “golden beetle” is exhibited at the show on the stand of vehicles from before the First World War. It took 3 years and 50,000 hours of work for teams from the Arts et Métiers engineering school and the Château d’Épluches vocational high school for automotive trades to reproduce this superb replica of the “golden beetle” half-track. With Citroën as a historic partner, this project was initiated and led by the “Des Voitures & des Hommes” association.
The concept-chariot made in Gaul!
Inspired by the mythical 2 CV, the daring concept-chariot imagined and designed by Citroën for the film Asterix & Obelix “The Middle Empire” directed by Guillaume Canet, will be on the show. Citroën and Asterix is the meeting of two legends of French culture materialized by an unprecedented partnership between Citroën, the producers Pathé, Trésor Films and Editions Albert René. An unprecedented challenge for Citroën’s styling teams, who completed the concept chariot in just three months!

Surrounded by the ParIDS, Euro SM Club and DS-ID Club de France clubs, L’Aventure DS Automobiles has chosen performance as its exhibition theme with the presentation of 4 models from yesterday and today:
2 technological laboratories
SM PROTOTYPE of 1973 (Collection of the Conservatory).
A rolling test bench, this prototype is designed to experiment with the passage of high power in front wheel drive and the stability of the trajectory at high speed. Using controls and measuring instruments, it is possible, while driving, to correct the attitude of the car or to modify parameters such as the centering of the masses, the flexibility of the suspensions, the distribution of the roll.
Designed as a very high-performance laboratory, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE, revealed in February 2022, was imagined by DS PERFORMANCE after winning two Drivers’ titles and two Team titles in the Formula E Championship.
During its first test campaign, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE has already covered more than 3,000 kilometers and validated a 0 to 100 km/h in 2.0 seconds! Following its participation in the 6th edition of Chantilly Arts & Elégance Richard Mille, DS E-TENSE PERFORMANCE received the innovation prize, acknowledging its technological and stylistic choices.
2 standard models that embody performance
1969 is the year of the appearance of a first-rate mechanical modification, the 2175 cc engine of the DS 21 receives electronically managed fuel injection and thus sees its power increase to 139 hp and also for a top speed now exceeding 185 km/h…
DS 9 360 CRISTAL PEARL (2022), unique composition presenting the excellence of French luxury know-how with an exclusive new interior designed and crafted by the women and men of the Colors and Materials team and the saddlers at DS Automobiles based in the Paris region.

L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS is the key to entering the entire historical universe of the Peugeot, Citroën and DS Automobiles brands. An overview of its various services will be presented on the stand: museography, spare parts for classic vehicles, attestations and certificates of conformity, derivative products (miniatures, clothing, etc.), reception areas, etc.
L’Aventure will also be the only official distributor of the MICHELIN tire range at the Rétromobile show.

Meet at the L’Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS area: Hall 1, Porte de Versailles exhibition center in Paris
Wednesday February 1st, 2023: 10am-10pm
Thursday February 2nd, 2023: 10am-7pm
Friday February 3rd, 2023: 10am-10pm
Saturday February 4th, 2023: 10am-7pm
Sunday February 5th, 2023: 10am-7pm


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