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The certificate of conformity allows you to correct, update or obtain a so-called “normal” grey card.
The collector vehicle date certificate is used to obtain a collection” registration card, This document also serves as a birth certificate.

Please choose between the certificate of conformity and the certificate of date of collection vehicle, we provide a single document allowing the registration of a vehicle.

CERTIFICATES - L'Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS
CERTIFICATES - L'Aventure Peugeot Citroën DS

Documents issued by L'Aventure

All our documents contain: date of production, body type, finish (Pallas, Charleston, etc..) and confirmation if the numbers provided are original. Depending on the model and year there is more or less information. Here are the main documents offered by L’Aventure:

  • The birth certificate (40€): this is a document “just for fun”, to know where and when your car was born
  • The attestation of date for a classic vehicle (75€) which is used to obtain a registration card with the use mention “classic vehicle” in France
  • The certificate of conformity (220€) which is used to obtain a “normal” vehicle registration document in France: suitable for registering an imported vehicle or for correcting a normal vehicle registration document (missing registration date, number of seats etc)

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Concerning the certificates of conformity for a motorhome, we are unable to supply them, please order them from the transformer (Pilot, Hymer etc). Thank you for your understanding.

Whatever the age of the vehicle and for obvious safety reasons, any transformation is subject to an individual approval from the department in charge of approvals in application of the provisions of article R.321-16 of the highway code. Of course, a vehicle with a so-called “normal” registration document must also be strictly in conformity with the original, otherwise in the event of a technical inspection, a roadside inspection or an accident followed by an expert report, legal proceedings may be initiated. Any modification must be approved and homologated by the DREAL (formerly the Mines Department) within the framework of an Acceptance by Title.

The decree of 20 February 2017 introduced into Article R.311-1 paragraph 6.3 of the Highway Code, the Community definition of a vehicle of historic interest (known as a collector’s vehicle in French law) -> click here to find out more